Donation Guidelines

The Federal Judicial Center Foundation may accept undesignated gifts or gifts designated for a particular program or project. Before the Foundation may accept a designated gift, the Center's Board must decide whether the program or project for which the gift is intended is appropriate and should be undertaken by the Center. If the Center's Board approves the program or project, the Foundation Board then decides whether the gift should be accepted. In deciding whether any gift, designated or undesignated, should be accepted, the Foundation Board considers whether acceptance could compromise or appear to compromise the Center's independence and impartiality.

To date, all gifts to the Foundation have been gifts of money. The Foundation Board is disinclined to accept gifts of real or personal property for conversion into money through subsequent sale, purchase, or transfer of ownership. Neither the Foundation nor the Center is equipped to handle such transactions.

For a more complete description of factors the Board considers in deciding whether to accept a gift, see the responsibilities and procedures adopted by the Board.

Individuals or entities who may wish to make a donation to the Federal Judicial Center Foundation should contact the Foundation's secretary.